wedding planner

Our wedding planners can take care of your wedding either it is religious or civil.

We understand that seeking information on the internet on how to arrange your wedding day in an unfamiliar place can be frustrating. Choosing to come with our team will make everything easy, because our role is to provide you all the details.

We understand in advance that you want everything to go smoothly during this special and extraordinary day of your life. Santorini wedding planners will be by your side throughout the preparations and up to the reception day with a smile on their face and a helpfull advice. All we want is for you to be calm, so you can enjoy your Santorini wedding. The rest you can leave it in our hands.

Choosing to have your wedding ceremony in one of the most beautiful islands of the world was the first step to perfection. And now we are here to guide you through step by step until you and your partner both say "I do" at the altar. We,strongly, believe that the best outcome happens when the wedding is a reflexion of the couple's story and style. Before the preparations begin, we would love to hear your thoughts, your wishes, your dreams, so we could arrange a Santorini wedding that fits you. What is your favorite color, which flower would you prefer to decorate the setting or which is the first song that your future husband ever dedicated to you. Your story and our experience will make the perfect match.

In Santorini weddings we provide full service. That meaning your accommodation, the wedding preparations, the transportation, the booking of the wedding venue, the photographers, the musicians and the list goes on and on. Most importantly, we take care of the paperwork that is required. There will be no room for worries and anxiety, because our wedding planners will informe you on what is necessary and by what time we should have it in our hands, so that we could make sure that your Santorini wedding will be legal..

The advices we can provide you guarantee that your Santorini wedding is going to be unforgettable. Our experience and the fact that we are willing to fully commit to your pesronal Santorini wedding is what makes us think of every little possibility. For example, we do not want your guests to look tired or irritated, because there is a wedding reception waiting and, certainly,a lot of dancing. So, we make sure that all of your favorite people get air conditioned transportation to avoid any complaints.