Santorini Weddings

We say it, we mean it. This is our motto, this is our goal and of course, this is our passion.

Here in Santorini weddings we take good and exclusive care of your whole wedding preparations and all the way to your actual wedding day. Whether you are going for a civil Santorini wedding or an orthodox one, Santorini weddings can provide all the usefull and necessary information and organize your dream wedding day in this spectacular island. And for those who have, already, made that step in their lives, we can offer our services for their vows renewal and make them relive the magic.

We deeply believe that Santorini is the chosen one. There are few places on earth that are as famous as Santorini is for destination weddings. We could probably say that this island was created to serve this purpose. To host beautiful couples who found love and peace in each others' arms and wish to make it official. Santorini is so gifted and it has so much to offer. We in Santorini weddings have a thourough knowledge of that and we want to use it on your wedding. A unique Santorini wedding. Because we do not follow a pattern and we do not offer standard wedding packages. We believe that each couple is different, so how could each wedding not be different and special?

In Santorini weddings we take it from the start. Your start. Your story is what gives us inspiration to make everything during that day revolve around you two. Following this way, your wedding will leave its mark for sure. This is what tailor-made means and this is what we are capable of. To bring out the best in ourselves, just to see you truly enjoy yourselves. This is when our part finishes and your common life begins.

Last but not least, we take for granted that you will fall in love with this island. So, we may as well say that Santorini weddings will be here to offer you the most romantic ideas for your Santorini honeymoon. Sailing, sunset gazing, Caldera view while taking a sip of a local outstanding wine or bathe into the endless Aegean. It is all waiting for you.