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You have chosen your wedding dress, picked out the most beautiful flower arrangements, dealt with all the necessary paperwork and now is the time to choose the most outstanding venue, where your wedding will take place. Our insatiable desire for romantic, special and elegant weddings have made us go through the most extensive research, only to find the most adorable locations in Santorini, each one unique for its style. In Santorini the options are numerous and you can definitely find the venue that best suits your taste and vision.

One thing that you can be sure of is that every venue offers great panoramic view of the Caldera, the volcano or the mythical sunset of Oia. For the more tradicional couples there is the choice of a little white church's yard. As we move forward, we could suggest a Santorini wedding on the beach having the sea breeze caress your skin, feeling free and more close to the nature. Imagine yourself in a plain white dress looking at your soulmates' eyes, while the sun is diving into the deep blue sea.

The list goes on with specific hotels which offer their yards and terraces for weddings. Hotels that are hanging over the cliff and where you could probably get lost by staring at the vast Aegean. We should emphasize of the fact that by choosing to have your wedding or your reception at a hotel, you have solved the matter of accomodation. The newlyweds could spend the night there and in the morning enjoy their breakfast on the balcony gazing at the neverending volcanic bay. Furthermore, you could book one of the famous tradicional wineries of Santorini, especially if you belong to the so-called wine lovers. You should know that all the wineries are located in wonderful spots, where you could enjoy the most amazing view.

We could never leave out the choice of the luxury yachts and the sailing ships. If what you have always wanted is a more luxurious and private wedding, then this is what would please you. That way you could say ''i do'' , where nothing could come between you two and the endless blue of sky and sea.

Finally, we shall inform you that some of these venues are offered for the wedding reception as well. We in Santorini weddings could arrange that or we could just suggest different reception venues. Maybe a wedding party under a sky full of stars on the beach or at the pool bar of a hotel. Or maybe a restaurant with traditional musicians and greek dancers to entertain you or even teach you how to dance, if you want. You should know that these reception venues can hold up to 400 guests. So,there is no limitation. Bring all your close people to share this magnificent day. Another suggestion would be to book a villa for you and your guests so that you could have your private space to celebrate without worrying about the time or the volume of the music. With your personal staff to serve you,a professional dj to play all night long and the choice of spending the night there, this option looks intriguing.

Whatever your desire is the only thing you need to do is let us know. As we have already said there is no way we won't figure out a solution for you. But there is also no way you won't find what you have always wanted here in Santorini weddings.